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Saudi Arabia: Gulf of Aqaba    

The drone producer’s name is Shaheen, which is Arabic for falcon. She’s divorced, and a very independent woman, but she seems to have a thing for her pilot, Ali, who does not speak any English. They were very sweet. Ali was such a pro, flying the drone with almost 30 knot winds coming down the Gulf of Aqaba. You can see the sea chop in some of my snapshots. He also had to fly defensively as hawks and falcons spun in the sky around the drone deep in the canyons of the Wadi Tayyib. We had to hike in several kilometers to get our shots.

My colleague from the London School of Economics joked that they were Eurasian Honey Buzzards. Who would know? he laughed.

We also met a tiny pride of jellicle yellow lions. So much more about today that was just, again, remarkable.

     Saudi Arabia: November-December 2020.   

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